FNP First TEAM grant awarded to Cecilia

On July 2016, Cecilia received the First TEAM award for a proposal to study the development of heart pacemaker in zebrafish. The study will be implemented in collaboration with prominent scientists, Prof. Didier Stainier and Prof. Thomas Braun (MPI-HLR, Bad Nauheim, Germany) and Prof. Vladimir Korzh (currently visiting Prof. in IIMCB). For those interested, do keep a look out for new positions available very soon!


New lab members in 2016

We have the pleasure of having new coworkers join our team this year: Rashid Minhas (NCN Polonez post-doctoral fellowship), Witek Rybski, Piotr Sklodowski, and Eugeniusz Tralle. Leszek Pryszcz (NCN Polonez post-doctoral fellowship) will join us in January. Looking foward to an exciting 2017!


jBrowse integrated

We are happy to announce jBrowse integration. 

ID converter integrated

We have implemented ID converter. Give it a try! 

Yeast [sacCer3] intergrated