You are welcome to explore the resources maintained by Zebrafish Developmental Genomics Laboratory. 

On-line resources

On-line resources can be accessed using web-browser. 

On-site resources

On-site resources can be found in ibmstorage:/home2/db/galaxy/ . Contact us if you wish to use these resources.

  • Genomes, genome indices and annotation [data/] (request new genome)
    • bowtie [bowtie_index/]
    • bowtie2 / tophat2 [bowtie2_index/]
    • bwa v0.6+ [bwa_index/]
    • pickard [picard_index/]
    • samtools [sam_index/]
  • Datasets (datasets/)


External tools

  • Serial Cloner (DNA cloning, sequence analysis and visualization)


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