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Job opening - Research Technician

The Laboratory of Zebrafish Developmental Genomics in the International Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology (IIMCB) headed by Dr. Cecilia L. Winata invites application from motivated and talented individuals for the position of Research Technician (a.k.a. lab magician!).

Our recent work on transcriptome and chromatin dynamics during heart development is available on bioRxiv!

Dynamics Of Cardiomyocyte Transcriptome And Chromatin Landscape Demarcates Key Events Of Heart Development

Job opening - PhD student


Job opening - Postdoctoral Fellow


Michal receives OPUS National Science Centre grant!

Michal Pawlak, postdoctoral fellow from our lab received OPUS NCN Poland grant for the project Approaching integrative genomics to identify molecular drivers of congenital heart disease.